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Affordable custom website design in 7 days. Tired of turn-key websites and need an upgrade? Look no further, we can help. Lucki Media will design, develop and provide useful tools to get you noticed on the web. Call 910-483-0416 for more information.
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Tired of Turn-Key Websites? Build Your Custom Website in 7 Days!


Tired of Turn-Key Websites? Build Your Custom Website in 7 Days!

Posted by luckigrrl in All 02 Feb 2017

Do you already have a website that is turn-key? You know those drag and drop do it yourself sites? You probably bought into it because it was cheap, and in most most cases you really get what you pay for. It is 2017, time to ramp up your game and build yourself a professional website that will attract more customers and get more leads with a personalized custom designed website in only 7 days!

Yes! If you already have an idea as to what you are looking for, but not ready to create a fully custom site but just need something unique and differnt to set yourself apart from your competition, look no further, we can help!

We will custom design your site in one week if you have all the info readily available to help us get the job done right and just in time!

It’s a two step process. Step 1: Choose your layout, either parallax (single page) scrolling style website, or multiple page, consisting of about 4-5 page website. Step 2: Pick 5 from the choices below.

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • News/Blow
  • Testimonials
  • Infographic
  • Info Paragraph + Picture
  • Pricing Tables
  • Contact
  • Picture Carousel
  • Sign Up Form
  • Tabular Data

So What’s Included?

  1. Custom Website Design
  2. Your Approval On Our Design
  3. HTML Code
  4. Web Development
  5. Your Web Development Approval
  6. Your Final Changes
  7. Links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
  8. Built in SEO Tools
  9. Built in Security Tools
  10. Sitelock Security
  11. Responsive Design + Retina Ready to fir your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Device
  12. Web Hosting
  13. Google Analytics
  14. Submission to Google (Bing, Yahoo, and other sites is additional)
  15. Go LIVE On Your Domain in 7 Days!

* Additional fees may apply if you want to purchase stock photography, graphics, logo design or other service not listed here. All material, information, photographs must be provided prior to project start. Your feedback is required to produce these works in a timely manner. Delivery times may vary and is not approximate. The promotional offer is only for paralax or simple multiple paged websites. Please contact for a fully customized website or e-commerce solution.

$300 down/ $60 month for 30 months and this site is yours! No more recurring fees. *Excludes webhosting and Sitelock security after the first year.

CALL TODAY! 910-483-0416 or go to for more information.