About Us

Our company may be small, but we have BIG ideas!

Lucki Media was founded in 2009 by Sandy Riopel. With a large concentration of military personnel and family members populating the region, it made sense that small businesses needed to reach out to the growing numbers of people who come in and out of the area on a daily basis. The question is how do we attract new customers and retain the old? The answer is to meet the needs of today’s technological influences that is growing at a rapid pace and making your first impression count.

Lucki offers everything from logos, business cards, promotional materials, websites, e-commerce systems, software solutions, payment gateways, advertising, printing, mobile applications and so much more. Consider us a one stop shop that does it all.

We care about your business and will make every effort to help you become a success in the works we produce.

Sandy Riopel