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Cyber Security Protection – Limited Time Offer – Special Savings!

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During the summer months, Lucki Media has sent out a notification about cyber security and how it may affect you.

SiteLock is website protection against hackers using malware, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and all sophisticated techniques for stealing customer data, redirecting traffic, and site reputation ruin.


SiteLock is a requirement for all clientele on Lucki Media hosting servers, starting effective August 2016. All clients hosted with Lucki Media must have basic security protection.



Special Features:

  • Daily Vulnerability Scans
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Basic DDoS Protection
  • Advanced Website Acceleration


Yes! I want cyber security protection! Click Here

Now for a limited time only the SecureStarter™ package is $49/month! Original price is $79/month with a $360 savings!


Act now and get your special reduced rate today! Click Here to get your SecureStarter™ Package or give us a call during normal business hours M-F 11am – 6pm EST to make a payment by phone. Keep in mind this is a $948 package and it covers you for an entire year.


You don’t want to miss this offer! Offer expires Nov. 28, 2016. Coverage for SecureStarter™ is for 1 year with recurring monthly payment for $49/month!.


If you have already purchased SiteLock services before October 26, 2016, then you may have purchased Website Scanning Only. SecureStarter™ is a more comprehensive tool in protecting your website than the basic daily scan you purchased recently. If you wish to upgrade, please let us know and we will pro-rate your current package for this upgrade deal.


*By purchasing Website Scanning or SecureStarter™ does not guarantee full protection against future attacks. It will help protect, deter, and clean most common malware and hacks is not guaranteed protection. There are other packages available for severe cases. 

** If you do not opt to purchase security on your site, just know that your site may be compromised and the cost to fix/repair the site will be $399 + per clean. We highly recommend that you get cyber security protection on your site at this great limited time only offer. 


The holidays are around the corner, so we highly recommend this special savings to you. Protect your business online with SiteLock. Hacking has become more prevalent and common in our technological advancement. Anyone can be a target, no matter how big or small your business is. Get protected today!

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Check out our agency’s daily process and routine at instagram. We love to shoot pics, and we think it’s fun to share with the world all this positive energy we have.