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Get the exposure you need on one of America’s largest military bases!

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Need the exposure to get your business noticed? This is the perfect solution for you! MyBaseGuide offers map and mobile app distribution/display though official Army channels and send mail to all newly assigned, incoming active duty personnel, civilian employees and thier families prior to and upon their arrival at Fort Bragg, NC. This is the only publication authorized for this purpose.

The Public Affiars Office further assures distribution of the map by making it available to:

  • All civilian, government contractors and military members
  • Installation housing office
  • VIP – distinguised visitors and conference groups
  • Personnel Office
  • Family Services Office
  • Retirees who use the installation facilities each year

There are more than 238,000 active duty military personnel and their families, civilian workers, contractors, reserves and retired soldiers working at Fort Bragg, which generates a significant economic impact of $9.8 billion dollars. Teh single greatest factor of that direct financial impact is the nearly $3.4 billion in salaries of these military and civilian government workers, which is poured directly into the local economy.

Confirmation/questions regarding the 2017 Fort Bragg Post and Area Maps may be directed to Sandy at 910-483-0416.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity, it’s a great way to expose your business throughout the year.

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