Online Marketing

The average American is exposed to over 3,000 ads per day, so having creative and memorable advertising is important and we are here to help. From a small-sized business to a large corporation, advertising generates profit. So what’s the catch? Well, it is usually expensive. If you are serious about a successful business, get ready to start advertising. There are two types of advertising strategies, and they are internet marketing and traditional marketing strategies and campaigns. At Lucki, we offer free consultations to determine which marketing campaign is best for you.

(SMM) Social Media Marketing

Let us handle all your tap trending news, events, campaigns to help boost sales to your business through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and more.

(SEO)Search Engine Optimization

Having trouble getting searched online or want to beat your competition though online searches? Let Lucki gage your website prlacement to help get your in that top spot to people who can find you at their fingertips.

(SEM) Search Engine Marketing

Need help placing ads onlien so people can find the services and product you are selling? Let Lucki create those snazzy ad campaigns that get your business noticed for the first client choice of potential consumer just for you.

Lead/Funnel Pages

As consumers are more internet savvy and know a sales pitch online when they see one, it’s time to start thinking outside the box and not be so obvious that you are wanting them to buy yoru product or service. Let Lucki create the campaigns best suited to serve your business model and keep them intrigued, instead of running for their life when they see yoru message or product online. Don’t worry we will hook them!


Need help sending out emails to your mailing list? Or need someone to manage your newsletters for you? Let us help! We will design and deploy content rich e-news blasts to let yoru customers know what you are promoting and more.

Online Reputation

Every business isn’t perfect and sometimes reviews can get out of control if not addressed quickly and professionally. Let Lucki help you get your credibility back and put your business back on track.

Social Media Marketing
$329 (Start Up)
*We will maintain and monitor social interaction with your consumers and give them real time information and support based on comments, likes, and concerns.
**Deposit Only, additional fees may apply.