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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Local

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Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO):  Make  Sure  Customers   Can  Find  Your  Business  Online

If  you  choose  a  package  that  includes  SEO,  Lucki Media will  follow  best   practices  to  make  sure  your  website  is  ranked  on  page  1.    Normally,  we  start  seeing   results  in  60-­90  days,  but  each  industry  and  market  is  different  and  results  can  vary.     We  utilize  both  on-­page  and  off-­page  SEO  strategies.  On-­page  strategies  include optimizing  content  and  meta  tags  among  others.  Off-­page  strategies  include establishing  your  directory  listings  (50+),  making  sure  your  business  shows  up  in  Google Maps,  analyzing  any  social  media  efforts,  and  reputation  monitoring  and  consultation.  Search  engines  look  at  over  200  different  factors  to   decide  where  your  website  is  going  to  rank  in   search  results.  Search  engines  aim  to  provide  the   most  relevant,  up-­to-­date  information  available  to   searchers.  Results  that  are  geographically  close  to  your   physical  location  are  seen  (by  search  engines)  as   more  relevant  with  regard  to  answering  an  immediate  need  or  question  relating  to  your   products  or  services.  Lucki Media uses  a  phased  approach  aimed  at   addressing  several  high-­priority  ranking  factors.     There  may  be  times  we  will  need  your  input  and  help.  All  websites  are  different  and  will   require  personalized  steps  to  increase  rankings,  but  the  phases  listed  below  are  a  typical   course  of  action.


We  start  with  keyword  selection

Keyword  selection  is  research  based.  We  consider  what  consumers  are  most  likely  to   search,  along  with  competition  in  your  market  to  increase  your  rankings  in  search engines’ result  pages.


Phase  1   • Needs  Assessment   • Keyword  Research   • Keyword  Analysis   • Market  Competition  Analysis   • Keyword  Selection   • Directory  Submissions   • Domain  Validation  (as  needed)   • Add  Google  Analytics   • Add  Google  Webmaster  Tools   • Claim  (or  enhance)  Google   Places  Listing


Phase  2   • Optimization  of  Meta  Tags   • Optimization  of  Content   • Correction  of  Deceptive   Practices  (as  needed)   • Site  Infrastructure   Improvements  (as  needed)   • Inbound  Link  Analysis   • Confirm  Consistent  Business   Listings   • Google  Review  Strategies


Phase  3   • Secondary  Page  Meta  Tag   Optimization   • Secondary  Page  Content   Optimization   • Merge  Duplicate  Business   Listings  (as  needed)   • Broken  Link  Assessment  &   Correction (as  needed)   • Content  Recommendations   • Further  Integration of  Web   Presence  into  Site   • Analysis  and   Recommendations  for  Social   Media  Profiles  and   Management


Rinse  and  repeat!  Every  month  we  utilize  a  number  of  the  above  tactics  to  get  your  site   ranking  for  relevant  keywords.


Business  Directory  Listings

We work with a platform that allows us to  publish  a  fully optimized profile for your business in 50+ leading online directories  (Yelp, SuperPages,  CitySearch, WhitePages, etc.). These listings can be immensely useful  if you’ve moved locations recently or  changed contact information, as old  information may be listed on the web. These directory listings are useful even  if you haven’t moved! Search engines scour the web looking for your business information. The more places your business information is listed and the more consistent those listings are with all of the other places search engines see your  information (your website, social media, business databases), the more authority your business and website will have. This becomes a huge asset for SEO as it supports and  validates all of our other online marketing efforts.

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