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SEO + Social Media Marketing

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$675.00 / month



A $60 difference between this package and just SEO.

Social  Media  Management:  Grow  Referral  Business,  Engage   With  Customers

Why  should  you  be  on  social  media?  BECAUSE  EVERYONE  ELSE  IS!  Right?    Wrong.    You   should  be  on  social  media  because  it  is  a  useful  tool  to  help  you  engage  with  your   current  customers  and  a  great  way  to  build  referral  business.   But  running  an  effective  social  media  campaign  can  be  tricky  and  time  consuming.     Working  with  Lucki Media’s  social  experts  will  give  you  the  peace  of  mind   you  need  to  focus  on  your  day-­to-­day  tasks.    We  will  craft  a  social  media  campaign  to   meet  your  business  goals,  we’ll  implement  it  and  we’ll  make  sure  you  are  aware  of   successes  and  strategies  for  constant  improvement!


Benefits  of  Social  Media    • Grows  referral  business   • Builds  community     • Allows  you  to  engage  your  audience   • Allows  audience  to  get  to  know  you   • Allows  audience  to  communicate  with  you   • SEO  benefits  (links  and  optimized  profiles  in  search  results)


Reputation  Monitoring:  Make  Sure  You  Know  When   Someone  is  Talking  About  Your  Business

Business  owners  don’t  always  have  the  time  to  monitor  the  web  for  reviews  about  their   companies.  Let  us  do  it  for  you.  You’ll  know  right  away  if  anyone  is  leaving  a  review   about  your  business,  which  allows  you  to  take  appropriate  actions  to  manage  your   reputation.  We’ll  work  with  you  and  come  up  with  an  appropriate  response  if  a  negative   review  surfaces.   We’ll  make  recommendations  about  strategies  you  can  use  to  increase  your  positive   reviews!  Reviews  (especially  on  Google)  can  be  beneficial  in  driving  new  customers  to   your  business.


• Learn  how  to  handle  reviews

• Automatic  email  notifications



Dedicated  Account  Manager:  Get  Quality  Customer  Service

Have  you  ever  called  a  customer  service  number  to  be  transferred  to  three  different   representatives?  Did  you  have  to  retell  your  complaint  three  times?  Did  you  ever  run   into  a  language  barrier?   We  have,  too.   So  that’s  not  how  Lucki Media does  business.   When  you  work  with  us,  you  get  a  dedicated  account  manager.  You’ll  always  work  with   this  person  and  they  are  located  here,  in  the  U.S.  Your  account  manager  is  dedicated  to   your  business  and  your  online  marketing  goals.



Reporting,  Analysis  &  Consultation

Another  benefit  of  working  with  Lucki Media?    We  are  more  than  account  managers   that  periodically  add  content  to  your  website,  improve  your  rankings  or  post  to  your   Facebook  page.    We  show  you  the  numbers!  We  take  a  look  at  how  your  campaigns  are   performing  and  provide  reporting.    Once  we  take  a  look  at  the  numbers,  we  work  with   you  to  take  your  online  marketing  campaign  to  the  next  level!

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